Reddit Is Launching Its Own News Site Called Upvoted

The self-proclaimed front page of the Internet, Reddit, Redditannounced its own news site staffed by journalists dedicated to highlighting content and news from the widespread online community.

Upvoted, a Reddit news production is a response to the way the Reddit’s content has been used by other news sites, said editorial lead Vickie Chang.

Many stories fail to convey what led up to a viral post and what happened in future and we’re hoping to provide extra details for readers, added Chang.

While talking about the philosophy of its new news site, co-founder of the Reddit Alexis Ohanian said, giving credit where credit is, is important.

He also noted, every Upvoted story mainly displays the original poster. It links back to the Reddit thread that inspired any story.

Ten to twenty editorial articles (news) every day is what can be expected from the site. However, there are plans to do around 40. One Upvoted podcast and two videos per week, including a video AMA (Ask Me Anything question), will also going to be released. Reddit is also working on an episode of a Web series.

Well-known names such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Nate Silver are tapped by Reddit for its video content.

Upvoted is an addition to previously launched original content from Reddit.

The company isalready running a newsletter, podcast and subsection of the site that already have the Upvoted name.

Creating original content may benefit Reddit in two ways- more readers by using Upvoted to package stories in a more user-friendly way and in general more control over messaging.

To broaden the appeal and to avoid confusion, the new site will not use a lot of the insider lingo that Reddit’s users use as shorthand, for example referring to an original poster as “OP.”

Company is hoping to appease both the hardcore Redditors and non-Redditors alike and is taking care to engage with top users of Reddit’s site in a number of ways. Writing their own columns for the site is one of the offers Reddit is giving to its most popular users.

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