“Our focus is to target the growing market segment of Gaming AIO Desktops” – Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Director, ViewPaker Technology.

In an exclusive interview with IT.Voice, Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Director, ViewPaker Technology’s., reveals his strategies for business in India.

Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Director at ViewPaker Technology’s

Nisha Harshwal :-  What are your current stakes in Indian market?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- Our current market share for Bare Bone & fully assembled AIO (Including our OE customers) is about 22%.

Nisha Harshwal :- What are the marketing strategies you are about to implement or have implemented to hike them?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- Our strategy has been to offer customized AIO Desktop. We propose to continue with this strategy and add more product variations to cater to the customer demand.

Nisha Harshwal :-What is the roadmap to target the new customer base?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- Our focus is to target the growing market segment of Gaming AIO Desktops. Within this segment our focus is on “Gaming Café” that is now getting popular in India.

Nisha Harshwal :-Are there any company policies you would like us to know about?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- Our next endeavor is to be a part of “Make in India” initiative of the GOI.

Nisha Harshwal :-What are the next in line products to be launched in near future?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- 1. High end gaming AIO desktop (27” & 32” screen size)
                                          2. Gaming PC peripherals like Headphones, Keyboards and  Mouse etc.Nisha Harshwal :- What are the challenges that Indian market offers?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- The future and the challenge is to localize and make in India. For companies that do so, the market opportunities will be immense.

Nisha Harshwal :-What are your new communication tactics of company?

Mr. Mukesh Gupta :- Word of mouth and promotion through trade specific media.


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