Online Computers And Peripherals Market Has Enlarged At A CAGR Of 36.8% During FY’2012- FY’2015-Kenresearch

India is among the fastest growing economies in the world, and the growth is majorly attributed to the rapidly image003 (16)progressing technology, flourishing service industry and the need for easy and fast networking. With the emergence of India online consumer electronics market, devices such as desktops, laptops, and peripherals became popular on the internet. Cash on delivery mode and easy returns procedures were able to gain their trust. Heavy discounts being offered on products encouraged more customers to order from online retailers. During FY’2012, computers and peripherals were the most important product category in India online consumer electronics market in terms of revenue. The growth in India’s smart phone market has offset the growth of market for computers and peripherals to a large extent. Since important tasks including sending e-mails, browsing the internet or accessing documents are easily possible on smart phones, the need to own a computer has reduced.

It has been estimated that computer peripherals and accessories contributed the maximum share in the overall sales of online computers and peripherals during the year FY’2015. These computers are still popular in Tier II and Tier III cities as consumers in these cities still prefer desktops over laptops or tablets.

The sales of online desktop computers in India have been witnessing a continuous decline majorly due to the increasing spending on smart phones and tablets. Since smart phones and tablets are easy to carry and are capable of performing the same functions as that of a desktop computer, consumers have increasingly opted for these devices. Desktops are only popular in the commercial sector, where tablets and laptops are yet to take over. Since bulk orders for desktops are not placed online, the demand for such products is majorly derived from customers in tier II and Tier III cities.

Metropolitan cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and others initially dominated the market for computers and peripherals; however over the past few years trend has been changing. Despite large number of orders being sourced from Tier I cities; the maximum growth is being driven by consumers residing in Tier II and Tier III cities. Tablets, notebooks and computers have become a part of daily routine schedules and life is becoming more hectic in smaller cities. Online retailers have been able to establish their business in smaller cities as these cities large retail outlets are not present in these cities.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
– Market Size by GMV

– Market Segmentation by

o Product Categories

o Demand from Major Cities

o Preferred Mode of Making Payment

o Seasonal Demand

o Mode of Distribution

o Mode of Making Purchase

o Marketplace and Company Website

– Consumer Profile

– Growth Drivers

– Trends and Development

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