New Ad Unveils Sony Ghost-catching Gizmo, The Proton Pack

Setting new benchmarks of technological advancement, SonySony launched their latest gizmo Proton Pack, which would be a first of its kind device that successfully catches ghosts.

“As much as you make fun of those who believe in ghosts, there is so conclusive theory to disprove their presence. Therefore this proton pack is a boon to those folks who boast about their regular run-ins with ghosts,” Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony said.

This product would come as a huge relief for people of congested cities like Mumbai who are already grappling with enough human population to accommodate ghosts.

“Although presence of people like Rakhi Sawant, Dolly Bindra, Arnab Goswami etc has been enough to spook out ghosts, but we realized these guys cannot be present everywhere all the time, hence decided to come up with Proton Pack,” Sony India’s head Kenichiro Hibi.

Sony has already tested the Proton Pack with desirable results.

“Since we could not find any ghost to test this product on, we used the Proton Pack on Shahnaz Husain. And we are happy to tell you that we were quite successful in making her appear less creepy,” Hibi disclosed victoriously.

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