Microsoft Research tests 3D scanner feature for Windows Phone camera

Microsoft Windows Phone 3D ScannerMicrosoft Research is working on a prototype feature, using something called Skynet UI, which might soon enable portable devices to scan physical objects and turn them into high-quality 3D models.

The process is called 3D reconstruction and when successful it can also be leveraged to be used for 3D printing, explains Microsoft in a post on the Research section of the website. Using the a Windows Phone device’s camera, Microsoft hopes to help users with visual feedback and help to capture the entire surface of the physical object as intended by the application. In the end, it is highly possible that the captured result could generate 3D models.

This means that in the future, users can use their phone for scenarios like augmented reality furniture, visualization for e-commerce establishments, searching and recognising objects, and more.

This application is being explored by three researchers from Microsoft’s Asia Research team in Beijing – Rui Cai, Jiawei Gu and Zhiwei Li.

The Microsoft Research team is known for working with the Windows Phone camera to make innovative applications. Early last year, we had reported how Microsoft released a lens app called ‘Blink’ for Windows Phone 8 devices that allowed users to take multiple pictures in burst mode and select the best image among them.

The Redmond giant is also working on next-generation technology that will enable ‘no-touch’ phones, tablets and televisions that can be operated from afar, without the need to swipe them.


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