Manthan Unveils The Next Version Of Its Customer Analytics Platform which Cuts Analytical Modelling Time By 75%

With new features around model management, migration and pattern analysis, Manthan’s Customer360 delivers a unique combination of Big Data sophistication and Advanced Analytics prowess to data scientists and marketers alike.

Manthan, the leader in Big Data analytics solutions for consumer connect industries, unveiled the latest release Manthan logo analyze decide doof its customer analytics solution, Customer360. Customer360 is the only solution in the market today that packages advanced analytics, rich analytical views, data management, model export and import capabilities, and runs on all leading Hadoop distributions.

“Traditionally data scientists spent up to 75% of time in acquiring clean, connected customer data for their modelling efforts. In this release we have focused on enabling the data scientist to easily access and prepare data for modelling , import models back and publish scores to the marketing organization for further interpretation and consumption of the outputs.” , says Varij Saurabh, Sr. Product Manager, Customer360, Manthan.

The focus on empowering the data scientist with advanced tools is realized through the three approaches to build and manage models:

Build models in Customer360: The business use-case driven approach and easy to use interface makes it easy for users, even non-data scientists, to build high accuracy models.

Import External models as PMML: Data scientists can now build algorithms in a tool of their choice and import them into Customer360 using the PMML industry standard. The solution supports all versions of PMML and also allows customer scoring on Hive.

Run external model as scheduled jobs: Data scientists can consume third-party algorithms and services with the solution’s ability to run any external script or job using the ETL capability, and import the output into the data warehouse for further use.

Customer360’s enhanced app-like UI and rich info-graphic visualizations will significantly accelerate the usage and adoption of analytics by marketers to support marketing strategy and campaign decisions.

Manthan’s Customer360 improves marketing ROI by helping the marketer understand customers better, predict their behavior and identify the best engagement opportunities. Out-of-the-box data management, business analysis, and easy to use advanced analytics help businesses adopt analytics effortlessly and achieve the quickest time to value.

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