LG Announces The Launch Of New OLED TV

LG has announced the launch of a new OLED TV. The download (7)company unveiled this new TV during a press event in South Korea.

LG claims that the new OLED TV has the thinnest-ever TV panel due to its extremely low weight (2041.17 grams.) The OLED TV can be easily mounted on a wall with the help of magnetic mat technology.

According to the reports, the new thinnest TV is currently only a proof of OLED concept and is not yet ready to hit stores anytime soon.

OLED TV features a 139.7 cm (55-inch) display which is about as thin as a DVD. The display weighs less than a 33 cm (13-inch) MacBook Pro. The technology used in the making of this TV, is the masterpiece which makes such thin, adjustable, workable high definition displays possible.

OLED displays emit their own light and are made from organic materials sheets. With the help of these sheets, manufacturers can do away with the layer of fluorescent backlighting found in traditional displays (LCD screens.) The OLED technology provides a benefit for colours in the TV; it can display more saturated colours, a greater range of contrast and better brightness than existing LCD displays.

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