Jivox unveils A Major Architectural Upgrade Of Its Dynamic Ad Platform ‘Jivox IQ’

Developed out of Jivox’s  Bengaluru  delivery  centre, ‘Jivox IQ’ becomes the first digital advertising platform designed to deliver dynamic ads at scale for programmatic media

Dynamic ad platform leader Jivox has unveiled a major architectural Naren Nachiappanupgrade of Jivox IQ, making it the first digital advertising platform designed to deliver dynamic ads at scale for programmatic media. This upgrade was entirely developed out of Jivox’s delivery centre at Bengaluru.

With Jivox IQ, brands and agencies for the first time can serve personalized and highly relevant display, mobile, video and native ads programmatically from a single ad platform, across all screens.

The upgrade delivers a number of industry firsts for programmatic creative, including Dynamic Canvas™ technology that eliminates the use of code-based templates, a rules-based user interface for optimizing thousands of creative variants, multi-screen retargeting and conversion tracking, and integrated campaign workflow features for importing media plans from Atlas by Facebook and Mediaocean Prisma.

“Brands are essentially serving 1990s-style ads with 2015 technology,” said Naren Nachiappan, Managing Director of Jivox India. “For programmatic media to reach its full potential, digital ads must pivot away from traditional banners and restrictive ad formats to become data-driven, dynamic canvases that give agencies complete freedom to create relevant and engaging ad experiences on behalf of their clients. Jivox IQ has been optimized for this new era of programmatic creative and we believe is poised to fuel an entirely new model for ideating and producing digital ads that takes into account not only the overall brand message, but also personalizes it to the individual consumer.”

“The technical requirements for delivering dynamic ads programmatically are dramatically different than those required for one dimensional banner and rich media ads. This is a reality that many brands and agencies can attest to from having tried – and failed – to achieve truly dynamic campaigns in the past,” said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). “What is required is a new kind of functionality that is uniquely suited to dynamic advertising—one that changes the rules for how to succeed at programmatic digital advertising, thereby simplifying creativity, but more importantly bringing scale to the process.”

Jivox IQ is a technology-rich upgrade that represents a major step forward for data-driven dynamic advertising. The upgrade includes The Industry’s First Dynamic Ad Studio, Integration with Market Leading Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Rule Builder (Another Industry First), New Asset Source Manager, Fully Redesigned and Intuitive User Interface, Re-Designed Campaign Management Console, Updated Dynamic Ads API and Robust Dynamic Reporting.

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