Introducing The ICF 15-4 – Danfoss’ Latest Addition To The ICF Flexline™ Valve Range

The new ICF 15-4 from Danfoss is an extension of the successful unnamedFlexline™ range of valve stations. Small and modular, the ICF 15-4 offers all the flexibility of the Flexline™ series in one easy-to-install unit with six possible functionality configurations, making it the ideal choice for any type of modern high pressure refrigeration system.

When Danfoss introduced its ICF Flexline™ valve range for industrial refrigeration, designers of refrigeration systems were given the opportunity to use a wide variety of functionality inserts in just one valve station. This simple, modular approach has made not just the design of refrigeration systems easier, it has also helped reduce servicing times, energy consumption and space requirements significantly, making refrigeration systems far more economical to run and much better in terms of environmental impact.

All good things come in small sizes
Now, Danfoss has launched a new, smaller version of the ICF Flexline™ valve station, which offers the same benefits, only for smaller pipe dimensions. Available with welded DIN 15 and DIN 20 connections, the ICF 15-4 comes pre-installed with a stop valve and a strainer. The remaining two ports offer six different configurations containing solenoid, motor or electronic valves combined with either stop, regulating or stop/check valves. And the compact size of the valve station makes installation fast, servicing easy and helps keep operating costs down.

One station for all refrigeration systems
The new ICF 15-4 valve station is designed for both low and high pressure refrigerants and can be used in liquid lines, compressor injection lines and hot gas lines. It is ideal for installations using CO2, NH3 and HFC/HCFC refrigerants, making it the perfect choice for future-proof refrigeration projects. The ICF 15-4 is designed to share spare parts with the rest of the Flexline™ program, which reduces stock levels – with faster service and better overall economy as the inevitable result.

No flanges – unless needed
With its directly welded connections, the Flexline™ valve station range makes it possible to use a higher working pressure in the refrigeration plant than is the case with other connection types – up to 52 bar, in fact. But sometimes entirely refitting a refrigeration installation is not an option. For situations where it is preferable to replace existing valves instead, Danfoss also offers a version with flanged connections called the ICF EVRAT. This valve station is intended for projects in which existing EVRA/FA solenoid valves and strainers need to be replaced. The ICF EVRAT is also available in DIN 15 and DIN 20 and allows for a maximum working pressure of 42 bar.

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