Intelenet® Global Services Introduces Innovative AI Tool for the Travel Industry

Artificial Intelligence solution iFARE™, reduced customer service costs by 30 per cent

Leading Business Process Service provider, Intelenet® Global Services announced the launch of iFARE™ – an Artificial Intelligence bhupender-singh-chief-executive-officer-intelenet-global-services-2tool developed in house, targeted at the travel and hospitality sector. iFARE™ is an innovative tool that has a distinctive capability of retrieving airline ticketing fare rules across multiple GDS’ and websites. Additionally the tool also allows for calculating amounts in compliance with the fare rules.

Customers desire more flexibility and speed but compliance with fare rules holds back improvements on the average handling time. Over 85 per cent of the customer requests which arise from flights being delayed, rescheduled or cancelled, require agents to go through detailed fare rules. Manually checking Global Distribution Systems and other reference points leaves travel companies liable to agent errors and retail losses hence impacting overall end customer satisfaction.

Designed to meet these challenges, Intelenet’s ‘iFARE™’ tool has the ability to interact and integrate airline ticketing fare rules from across multiple GDS’s and websites. iFARE™ helps reduce customer service costs by 30 per cent. By automating the process of retrieving information related to airline fares and policies from multiple databases, iFARE™ fetches all the required information for fare processing. Developed by Intelenet® Global Services, iFARE™ uses natural language processing to manage refunds and change fees, whilst complying with fare rules. The benefits are manifold, as it enables faster calculation of amounts related to the ticketing and schedule changes, reduced retail losses through automation of fare calculation and improved turnaround time for customer queries. Lastly, it allows for a hassle free customer experience which is paramount in service sector industry like travel and hospitality.

Intelenet® Global Services’ tool is an automated fare calculator which empowers agents to process a higher volume of customer requests across multiple Global Distribution Systems and airline websites.

“Automation is the next frontier for travel providers, enabling contact center agents to achieve faster and better results for customers. Intelenet is preparing our clients for this next big step in the air travel experience. Embracing the opportunities automation brings, providers can optimise how they process customer requests. iFARE™ is the latest addition to our creative and innovative toolkit (iSAFE™, iCAN™) which give our clients the digital capabilities to manage customer experience,” said Bhupender Singh, CEO of Intelenet® Global Services.

“We have an unparalleled mix of travel industry and service delivery experience, which has produced innovative solutions to address the pain points of our clients. Digitization is revolutionizing the travel industry and our aim is to support our client’s customer relationships through extensive technology deployment. This approach is at the heart of our iFARE™ tool which uses a single interface for easy access to process the required data to retrieve the necessary information needed to fulfill customer requests,” continued Bhupender Singh.


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