Improve the Productivity of Field Sales Reps with an App


Mr. Tejinder Oberoi, Founder Director, Cygneto

Today, with the prevalence of smartphones and mobile applications, many sales organizations are equipping their sales team with new-age technologies to increase productivity and boost sales. Apps are now playing an influential role in the sales operation of an organization, especially within the retail industry.

The sales force is the most crucial link between your organization and the market. An ineffective sales team can be detrimental to your organization’s efforts of improving market penetration and achieving target sales. Moreover, managing sales operations field sales team is a challenge for most business leaders.

In the present day and age, mobile apps have eliminated these discrepancies and field sales reps can close deals anytime, anywhere.These applications have made sales intelligence portable with the data, available at their fingertips, enabling them to convert prospects into customers quickly. Through these apps, sales executives can deliver presentations and process orders on the go, optimizing their time on the road. This is the reason why many sales leaders are adopting various mobile solutions to boost sales, productivity, and streamline processes, ultimately increasing the time spent on core selling activities. Here is how these mobile apps leverage productivity of your sales team, to make them more efficient:

Reports and analytics
Knowing your customer better is the pre-requisite for driving high performing sales. An app can collect customer data and showcase product demands, customer behaviour,cost benefits, seasonal, monthly and daily demands and much more in a highly comprehensible format. Sales reps can run analytics and reports which can help organization deliver relevant products/ services and devise effective marketing & sales strategies accordingly.

Multi-channel connect: Unifying shopping experience across online and offline selling channels

In order to meet the demand of new-age shoppers, retailers and wholesalers are following the omnichannel approach, where data is centralised via multiple sales channels. Only with the centralization of data such as customer information, orders, preferences, frequency of buying, and inventory between all existing sales channels of a business, a smooth cross-channel connect is possible.There are various mobile apps that help field sales to streamline their sales process, providing a more unified and personalised shopping experience for their customers.

Record and Retrieve information in seconds
Retrieving sales content from bundles of hard copies is a bane. Mobile apps have made things easier, especially when it comes to documentation. Field sales reps can record instant orders, record product complaints, competitor products and alsoconduct surveyseasilythrough a mobile application. They can alsoretrieve this information efficiently and quickly, to deliver a flawless sales pitch.

Tracking sales reps in real-time
Location of sales reps can be tracked through mobile apps, which provide various features that are time saving effective. With location-based services, sales reps can use a preconfigured route anddiscover new retailers to meet on the route. Additionally, location of these field sales reps can be monitored in real-time.

The advent of internet and smart technologies has caused a paradigm shift in the way business run and function. Today, mobile apps can do wonders for your field sales reps. With vital information at hand and improved sales operations, you can anticipate your customer needs, engage with prospects, build relationships, and ultimately close deals effectively.

Authored By Mr. Tejinder Oberoi, Founder Director- Cygneto

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