HCL To Replace Bell Curve Appraisal With Feedback-Based Performance

Prithvi Shergill, chief human resources officer (CHRO) at HCL Technologies, said the company is trying to to HCLstrengthen a culture of dialogue and feedback.

Though it has become fashionable for organisations to keep introducing changes, it is rather difficult to actually change the entire culture of the organisation.

The HCL is trying to get more feedback and dialogue into place and some teams are ready and some are not, he said.

In a year or two, Shergill said, there could be a situation where half of the organisation would follow the bell curve while the rest would follow feedback system for performance appraisal of their employees.

The latest Indian company to say goodbye to bell curve, that forces fit employees into performance categories, was Infosys.


Google, Accenture, Microsoft, Adobe, KPMG and Cisco are some other firms that have completely or partially moved away from the bell curve. Discarding the bell curve has already started showing positive signs and made a difference to Infosys. The company is seeing a lower attrition rate. Compared to more than 20 per cent attribution in 2014, this year the IT company saw its attrition rate drop to 13 per cent for this quarter.

Infosys has 176,000-workers.

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