Google Releases Data Saver Extension For Chrome

Google has released a beta version of Data Saver for desktop google chromeChrome – an extension that could come in handy when you’re tethered to a mobile connection.

This extension brings the company’s data compression feature to the desktop for the first time. The term “quietly” has been used because there doesn’t seem to be an announcement from Google.

Users can download the extension, currently in beta, from the Chrome Web Store.

The new Data Saver extension uses Google servers to compress webpages prior to sending them to client device. This reduces the amount of data you pull down and, hopefully, gives you a better browsing experience.

The Data Saver extension is meant to save the user bandwidth, load pages faster, and increase security on your phone and tablet. It has been entirely aimed at mobile (until now), though there have been whispers of a desktop version for some time.

The feature is certainly much more useful on mobile. It can save you money if you’re on a tight data plan, in addition to speeding up page loads and beefing up security. Chances are that browsing on the desktop is already quite speedy for most people, and Google’s Safe Browsing feature is already built into Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Google has experimented with data compression in Chrome on mobile since 2013 and introduced it as a built-in feature for Chrome on iOS and Android early last year, claiming it could reduce the size of a page by 50 percent.

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