Four Technologies Techies should Excel AT!

Technology is dynamiTechnology in the handscally changing everyday, Developers and techies need to keep up the pace of advancement and development in technology. Every thing right from recruitment to recognition as technology professional depends upon how well versed are you with future technologies.4 technologies has been listed that should excel at in coming future.
1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence aka AI, is the most exciting field in robotics. The technology is all about reaction of human behavior and thought process. You could create a man made machine with thinking abilities. With AI, things can drastically change. It is a future of automation. The ability to formulate original ideas and use language is possible with AI. Many companies are taking R&D initiatives for AI. Even top trending tech companies like Google, Facebook are announcing their plans to integrate AI methodologies to enhance their core technology.
2. Consumer Driven Super computing

If you look around, we live in a world full of consumer driven products and companies. There is a great challenge of computing in business processes. Customer service line is having tough time in dealing with automated interfaces. We are all struggling with Natural Language Interfaces that just can’t work the way they are expected to. There is a great opportunity for new developments in Consumer Driven Computing.
3. Renovating The Customer Experience

Digital businesses are mostly consumer oriented. Customer experience plays key role in success of any digital business. Investment in half of the goods product are to improve customer experience. There lies a great opportunity for a tech professional to learn and improve his skill sets.

4. High Power Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is proven concept, we have even seen smart devices with wireless charging capabilities via NFC. Many tech giants are investing lot of time and resources in development of high power wireless charging methodologies. This happens via magnetic field. The current development of wireless charging technique is powerful enough to charge 40 mobile devices at a time. In future, the technology would be able to power large devices such as TV sets, electric cars too.

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