Facebook Releases New location feature For Messenger

Facebook has now introduced a simpler method of sharing your facebookmapslocation in Messenger. Compared to the previous technique of simply sharing one’s information about their location, users can now send a map of their whereabouts via a message. The new feature is very similar to the way users share their locations in Google Hangouts.

In order to share where a person is, a user needs to select ‘more’ on the bottom right of a chat and then click on ‘location.’ A user can choose to share a map of the exact location by tapping ‘send.’

Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messenger said that the app does not receive location information about a user at all, unless the location service is activated on the phone for the app.

Additionally, messenger does not gather location data in the background or ask for new permissions.

On the other hand, a person can disable location tracking through the ‘settings’ tab. Users can click on settings and select privacy, go to location and tap on services to set the option to ‘never’ if they do not wish to reveal their locations. The new change apparently allows users to send their location only when they want to.

However, there are some advantages of sharing location as well. If a person is running late, this feature allows the user to send a mapped visual of his or her exact location so that friends can know where he or she exactly is.

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