Emerging technologies to provide security solutions for MNOs and MVNOs

Markus Doetsch, MD & CEO, Sicap Group

Authorised by : Markus Doetsch, MD & CEO, Sicap Group

The trusted reputation of cellular services is becoming an increasingly important asset for operators due to the growing frequency of public IT security threats, cyber-attacks and privacy breaches. Moreover, increasing public awareness of cyber security issues is pushing MNOs, MVNO and MVNEs across the globe to invest heavily in security infrastructure to further protect their subscribers, brands and revenues.

The intensifying global migration and general insecurity puts growing homeland security adherence demands on mobile operators globally. In such a scenario, national and international intelligence agencies require telecommunications providers to ensure that their facilities and networks adhere to homeland security standards. Ensuring customer privacy and safeguarding their data, including call-identifying information if not authorized to be intercepted is the key to proactively build trust with customers.
While operators are allocated reimbursement funding to meet those costs, growing homeland security demands increase capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX). In order to gain a true competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace while ensuring customer satisfaction delight, on-demand innovative IoT and Cloud solutions will create a highly reliable and secure platform for MNOs and MVNOs.
When it comes to harnessing end-to-end mobile security, a fully standard compliant andglobally field proven solution– Equipment Identity Register (EIR) is serving as a rich value added service. It is a powerful tool that enables operators to protect their subscribers and networks from malfunctioning, fraudulent and stolen devices in cooperation with a national Central-EIR. Mobile operators can make effective use of security solutions which combine EIR with real-time device data analytics that allows conforming even into the most demanding national and international homeland security regulations for tracing subscribers and devices.
MNOs and MVNOs can protect their clients effectively by providing complete one-stop security solutions in the case of loss, theft or misuse of the equipment. On the other hand, the operators can also offer their clients public and homeland security as they can support authorized investigative authorities with the pursuit of preventing serious crimes or subverting terrorist attacks. From the operator’s point of view, this solution is easy to implement and manage, actions can be followed in real-time and allow for precise, targeted decisions. In addition to this, data can be exchanged between operators and authorised third parties via defined interfaces, easily and in real-time, which makes the entire system transparent, efficient and reliable.
In India, the concept of a smart city is already gaining traction with government’s ambitious ‘Smart Cities Mission’. However, building and maintaining adequate security infrastructure was, and remains an important challenge for the Indian economy. Smart cities will be smart in the truest sense only when diverse users, devices, machines and applications over all levels, will be connected by, and interact together, through secure, scalable, robust, and easy-to-integrate IoT platforms.
MNOs and MVNOs can generate new revenue streams by providing their customers cost effective security solutions which are easy to implement and drives mobility. Due to rising number of global cyber attacks, all the sectors of the economy must embrace continually evolving technologies at all levels.
In the wake of the recent global ‘WannaCrypt’ ransomware attack, both the enterprises and government are encouraging new and robust business models and cloud-based software solutions that allow aggregation of different bandwidth, applications, and networks. The entire telecom industry is undergoing a consolidation and working toward digital transformation with best quality, real-time and innovative security solutions.
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