Edimax Introduces APC500 Business Class Wireless AP Controller For Robust Security & Centralized Management

Edimax Technology, a leading provider of premier networking solutions, today introduced their business Edimaxsolution -APC500 Wireless AP Controller which helps Increasing mobile and Wi-Fi demand challenges for business and network operators. APC500 offers high-performance, feature-rich wireless LAN management, 04 number of gigabyte LAN/WAN ports with a RJ-45 Console & 8 GB Memory installed for logs. It is flexible, fully scalable and fulfills the demands of offices, hotels, meeting rooms, schools, campuses, resorts, retail, shopping malls and others such as enterprise, education and hospitality environments.

Recent developments in Mobile and Wi-Fi technology show business dependency and creating new challenges for business and network operators. Edimax Pro APC500 Wireless AP Controller supports scalable architecture, which enables the central management of a group of access points up to 32 Edimax Pro access points with facilitating efficient remote AP management featuring AP L2/L3 Management, RF Management, Guest Access & Captive Portal. Access points can be deployed and configured centrally according to requirements, creating a robust, secure & powerful network architecture which can be easily managed and expanded in the future, with an easy to use web interface and a full range of functionality.

Mr Sanjay Joshi, Country Manager at Edimax Technology said “Edimax Technology is dedicated to the design, develop and manufacture smart networking solutions. With Edimax PRO Series Technology and the APC500 Wireless AP Controller, we are introducing best-in-class device with web based wireless network management that are designed to handle multiple devices in this fast and changing needs of business growth .”

He continued and said “Network need to be fast & accessible for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, and should be secure and reliable for mission critical application, supports access point management & monitoring in connected network. It is suitable for all environments targeting Hospitality, education, large campus deployments, corporate business park, offices & Govt PSU’s where performance is required. We offer latest technology with ease and a smart solution where flexibility meets the demands of any network applications.”


  • High Speed Interface: Supports gigabit ports & USB 3.0.

  • Easy Installation: Rack/wall/desk-mount design with easy installation kit and five-step setup wizard.

  • Scalable Architecture: Manages up to 32 Edimax Pro access points including both indoor & outdoor APs.

  • Easy Centralized Management: Web-based software for remote AP configuration and control.

  • AP L2/L3 Management: Supports batch setup and configuration with group firmware upgrade & group restart.

  • RF Management: Graphical zone plan with Google Maps integration for easy custom AP deployment simulation, planning, live monitoring & configuration.

  • Robust Security: Built-in RADIUS (AAA) supports authentication & authorization for up to 512 user accounts.

  • Guest Access and Captive Portal: Supports user name & password-based authentication with independent guest network settings for bandwidth rates (upload/download), IP filtering,duration of use/account expiry and easy Front Desk system for account generation and ticketing.

  • Business Environments: Wide range of commercial applications such as offices, hotels, meeting rooms, schools, campuses, resorts, retail, shopping malls and others. Ideal for SMBs, Enterprise.

  • Supported AP Models: Edimax Pro CAP, WAP, OAP & IAP series, it can be integrated easily into existing wireless network.

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