Till now if any email was been sent from any Hindi email address to any email server which did not support Hindi email, then that email address was seen in an alpha-numerical characters. Now data team has developed such technology that If anybody mails it to any server, it will be viewed correctly and will be readable in proper way. This technology is called advanced downloading technology, its first time in the world that a unique experiment has been made possible.

Through the Data Mail Mobile app, any person can create a Free Email Address in Hindi. Now the Indian government has also made an announcement to all its Employees will be given email address in Hindi and it is going to be operational soon. The Rajasthan government has also announced the facility of free Hindi email to its citizens, thus this technology will prove to be very effective.

Ajay Data, CEO of Data Xgen Technologies shared that through this technology, every citizen can now contact any person without hesitation, without any hassle all over the world. We are offering a new email for those who do not know English at all, they will have convenience of taking an address in their language completely free thru DataMail, our services will prove to be helpful in bringing them forward in the Internet era and moving forward.

Social connectivity is a big driver of internet usage. In urban India, 89% of the online population uses the internet for online communication which is very less in the case of Rural India. Language dispersion in India presents a significant obstacle in Rural India for the growth of internet. Text in English language is a medium of a very limited population while voice, photo and video are popularly burning the internet data in the rural part of the country.

Despite India’s reputation as an Anglophone nation, only a tenth of its 1.2 billion people count English as their first, second or third language. In any case, one out of four Indians cannot read or write. But unlike linguistically homogeneous Russia or China, India’s 22 official languages (and several hundred unofficial ones) in 11 different scripts make it a difficult market to crack for internet growth.

Indian languages account for less than 0.1 per cent content on World Wide Web. Also, over 89 per cent population is non-English speaking and unable to read and communicate via email as the language utilized to communicate is English. Language Literacy plays a major role for someone to take full advantage of being online. The most spoken languages in India in 2016, according to our analysis based on secondary data, are approximately Hindi (544.39m), Bengali (107.60m), Telugu (95.40m), Marathi (92.74m), Tamil (78.41m), Urdu (66.47m), Gujarati (59.44m), Kannada (48.96m), Punjabi (37.55m), Assamese (16.98m). The total of population using these key languages comes about 1147.95m that is a larger share of vernacular language speaking population in the country.

Data XGen Technologies has invented world’s first free linguistic email address service which we have launched in 8 Indian languages, aiming to address linguistic barrier for the internet growth in India. Adding to it, we have also enabled this app with a voice based social media feature of DataRadio which allows users to broadcast voice messages to mass, in case someone is unable to write text in English. We are still working on ideas for bringing the non-English speaking population to the World Wide Web and reduce the non-internet user base which is over 1000 million in the country.”

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