Danfoss Introduces New ICV Valve Housing With Flanges

As a replacement of the old PM valves, Danfoss’ ICV Flexline™ valve range offers modularity, faster installation and lower servicing costs. But a total reinstallation of a refrigeration installation is not always an option. For retrofit purposes, Danfoss now launches a new ICV valve housing with flanges instead of welded connections.

Drop-in solution                                                                                The  valDanfoss PMve has been the valve of choice for countless image001 (37)refrigeration installations all over the world for more than 40 years. But technological development has rendered it obsolete and has opened the door for newer and far more energy-efficient solutions which can accommodate all the high-pressure refrigerants of the future – and Danfoss’ ICV Flexline™ valves are exactly such a solution.

However, in some refrigeration installations, a complete remodelling is not always an option. For those who want the functionality, the modularity and the easy servicing of the Flexline™ concept without having to cut or weld a lot of piping, the ICV with flanges is the answer. With its flanged connections, it will drop in right where the old PM valves used to be – installation is easy and quick, and subsequent servicing is fast and reliable and does not require disassembly.

One valve housing, three different functions                               The idea behind the ICV with flanges is to offer the functionality of the Flexline™ range without a complete remodelling of the installation. All ICV Flexline™ valves – including the ICV with flanges – offer a modular platform with just one common valve housing and three functional inserts for the ICS pilot valve, the ICM motor valve and the ICLX two-step valve, making it easier to meet the exact requirements of the refrigeration installations.

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