Danfoss Extends Danfoss Inverter Scroll Family VZH To Include Smaller Capacities For High Efficiency HVAC Systems

Danfoss India, a leading player in the climate and energy space has extended its inverter scroll compressor range VZH with permanent image005 (3)magnetic motor with three new models. Designed for rooftops, air handling units, close control, process cooling and ground source heat pumps, the new Danfoss inverter scroll compressor, VZH, delivers cooling capacities between 4-7 tons and up to 13 tons in manifold configurations and between 3-25 kW of heating capacity.

Most of the ducted splits, rooftops and chillers need to be redesigned to meet upcoming stringent energy regulations. Variable speed compressor technology is the best solution to exceed the new standards and get the highest energy savings.

Danfoss inverter scroll compressor, VZH, is the second generation of scroll compressors offering variable speed technology for commercial applications in air conditioning with a mature, existing inverter scroll platform ranging from 13 to 26 TR. The expanded range is now from 4 to 26 TR (14-94 kW) and up to 52TR in manifold configuration. The company completes its portfolio of inverter solutions that include Danfoss Turbocor oil-free centrifugal compressors and consolidates its leadership in commercial A/C with the widest portfolio for superior part-load efficiency.

India market is witnessing growing demand for energy efficient infrastructure like green buildings, net zero buildings and also IT infrastructure in terms of data centers and cloud computing – all these require high efficiency air conditioning. Danfoss Inverter Scroll Compressor technologies help to meet or exceed the new standards and thereby achieve lowest energy consumption.

Danfoss inverter scroll solutions, VZH, combine Danfoss know-how in compressor and drive design. The variable speed package has specific features that offer high value to the customers and end users:

  • Advanced efficiency through a wide range of applications: the pre-qualified VZH 4-7TR packages provide 5% higher part-load efficiency versus existing inverter technologies. Permanent Magnet Motors, optimization for different pressure ratios with IDVs and 15-100% stepless modulation lead to higher energy savings and part-load effciency while drive functionalities and integrated components lower standard applied costs.
  • Short time to market and increased reliability: Danfoss offers dedicated drives for Danfoss Inverter Scrolls for the Light Commercial and Commercial markets. The perfect match of compressor and drive from a single supplier greatly reduces the qualification effort of the OEM, reducing the OEM’s time to market. The end user can expect maximum product satisfaction because an expert team of Danfoss engineers, with years of variable speed compressor experience, developed the entire system.
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