Best Graphic Cards Of The Date For Ultimate Gaming Experience

While we are crazy about PC gaming, it is obvious that we understand the role of a sound and capable graphic card in our life. The superior visual settings matters much more than any other thing such as monitor and mouse. But is sometimes very confusing to choose a right graphic card as a great variety of them available in the market and each one is claiming pixel-pushing perfection.  To lessen your confusion, here is the list of top 6 graphic cards as per the study by market experts:

1. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders edition
For those with having a serious affair with 4K gaming and Nvidia has gx297eaintroduced the Pascal architecture, EVGA offers you the double performance that you are used to with. Though nothing is perfect, still it is called the Allrounder one among the gamer community. You may also wait for the inevitable launch of more powerful GTX 1080 GPUs which is more affordable too. Till then, GTX 1080 is definitely the best in its class and the contest.

2. Zotac GeForce GTX 980Ti AMP Extreme edition

Though GTX 1080 is unbeatable in the terms of video memory (8 img_1768GB GDDR5X), still GTX 980 is better in the clock speed and if smart Overclocking, it can certainly beat the above one. With the resolution up to 4K, it is a standard with nearby 60 fps pixel count. The upcoming launch of980Ti AMP Extreme Edition is expected to offer better than the GTX 1080 Founder Edition and will be cheaper also.

3. Gigabyte Radeon R9 Fury X

If you think that a GPU is that you need for your ultimate gaming amd-radeon-r9-fury-x-launched-by-msi-gigabyte-powercolor-visiontek-and-club-3d-485302-3experience, the R9 Fury X by AMD is the best offer for you until you are are not affected by the limitation high end Polarise card that starts to drop after a certain point. Though it seems like a heavy workload due to all-in-one liquid system and the latest high-bsandwidth memory technology, it is quite catchy and appears to be an affordable idea to be a future-proof gaming spectacle. Ass another great feature, the Fury X is flexibly compatible with 10080p and 1440p.

4. Sapphire Radeon R9 Nano

When it is about building a small form-factor PC, you certainly don’t sapphire_20152812351need a huge power sacrifice. This Fiji based graphic card is developed in a shorter density and capable to spread into the tiniest of mini-iTXcases. It impressively boasts the 4GB of the next generation HBM memory with the similar amount of texture units and ROPs as the full-size Fury X. The noticeable fact is 5%lower clock speed. But on the other hand , here the power envelope drops to just 175W, there is a very less requirement of hardy power supply to boot.

5. MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming Edition

This is perhaps the most popular graphic card around. It is suitable msifor 1080p and also with 2560 * 1440. But when it comes To 4, you will have to temper your expectations. This smart graphic card is loaded with 1664 stream processors, 4 GB of memory and a core clock of 1140 MHz; no doubt, GTX 970 provides the desired performance without a heavy burden on your pocket.

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