ASUS Announces Strix R9 390X, R9 390, R9 380 And R7 370 In India

Blazing-fast, armor-protected graphics cards deliverup to 30% cooler and three times quieter gaming performance than reference cards

Cool, silent gameplay: DirectCU III with triple wing-blade fan designmeans 30%-cooler, 3X-quieter operation, plus no-disturbance 0dB mode
Premium quality and reliability: Industry-first Auto-Extremetechnology with aerospace-grade Super Alloy Power II components
Tweakable and intuitive: GPU Tweak II with XSplitGamecaster for easy tweaking and streaming

ASUS today announced Strix R9 390X, R9 390, R9 380 and R7 370, super-cool new graphics cards with pumped gaming performance, STRIX-R9390X-DC3OC-8GD5-GAMING_box+vgaperfected manufacturing,and strong fortificationfor extreme reliability and longevity.

Powered by the latest AMD® Radeon™R9 390X, R9 390, R9 380 and R7 370 graphics-processing units (GPUs), the new StrixR9 390X and R9 390 graphics cards are packed with exclusive ASUS technologies, including DirectCU III with a triple wing-blade 0dB fan design to deliver maximum airflow for 30%-cooler and three times (3X) quieter performance.

These latest Strix models also have ASUS Auto-Extreme technology1 with Super Alloy Power II1 components for premium aerospace-grade quality and reliability, plus GPU Tweak II with XSplitGamecaster for intuitive performance tweaking and instant gameplay streaming.

Cool, silent gameplay: DirectCU III with triple wing-blade 0dB fan design
Strix R9 390X and R9 390 are equipped with ASUS-exclusive DirectCU III cooling technology, which features two exclusive 10mm direct-GPU-contact heat pipes —outperforming reference designs for gaming performance that’s up to 30% cooler.Theyeach have three fans engineered with a patented, new wing-blade design that delivers maximum airflow and static pressure over the heat sink— giving a 105% improvement over fans without wing-blades. This exclusive triple wing-blade design operates at noise levels three times (3X) quieter than reference cards, making DirectCU III the coolest and quietest graphicscard-cooling solutionavailable to date.
Strix R9 380 and R7 370 come with DirectCU II cooling technology,featuringdirect-GPU-contact copper heatpipes and a dual wing-blade design to deliver incredible gaming experiences.

Strix R9 390X, R9 390, R9 380 and R7 370also feature 0dB fan technology, which stops fan rotation completely during lighter gaming sessions —eliminating noise for undisturbed gameplay.

Premium quality and reliability: Auto-Extreme technology with Super Alloy Power II components,
StrixR9 390X, R9 390, R9 380 and R7 370 benefit from ASUS-exclusiveAuto-Extreme1technology, the industry’s first 100%-automated manufacturing process that removes human fallibility from the production line for consistent perfection — making them ultra-reliable in all scenarios, from general everyday use to hardcore gaming and overclocking. Auto-Extreme technologyeliminates flux to minimize dust buildup and oxidization, and the rear side of the graphics cards’ printed-circuit boards are totally smooth, increasing comfort for system-builders.This new manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly, eliminating harsh chemicals and reducing power consumption by 50%.

The new cards also feature aerospace-grade Super Alloy Power II components that enhance efficiency, reduce power loss, decrease buzzing under load, and lower thermal dynamics for unsurpassed quality and reliability.

Complementing their amazing reliability, the latest Strix graphics cards are built to be incredibly tough. Strix R9 390X, R9 390 and R9 380each come with a strengthened backplate that provides superior GPU protection and also prevents PCB bendingover time.

Tweakable and intuitive: GPU Tweak II with XSplitGamecaster
Redesigned with an intuitive, all-new user interface, GPU Tweak II makes gaming and overclocking the new Strix cards easier and more visual than ever, while still retaining advanced options for seasoned overclockers. With one click, the new Gaming Booster function maximizes system performance by removing redundant processes and allocating all available resources automatically. An included 1-year XSplitGamecaster premium license— a $99 value — lets gamers easily stream or record gameplay via a convenient, in-game overlay.

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