Quantum Hi Tech has spread its trustworthy tentacles across several Cities in India- Mr. Ashish Mutneja, Director, Quantum Hi Tech Merchandising Pvt Ltd

Quantum Hi Tech has spread its trustworthy tentacles across several Cities in India-  Mr. Ashish Mutneja, Director, Quantum Hi Tech Merchandising Pvt Ltd

Vikas Gupta:-  What will be your growth strategy in India for this financial year?

 Mr. Ashish Mutneja, Director, Quantum Hi Tech Merchandising Pvt Ltd
Mr. Ashish Mutneja, Director, Quantum Hi Tech Merchandising Pvt Ltd

Ashish Mutneja:- With regards to our growth strategy in India for this financial year, we have 3 verticals that we will be focusing on. These include, IT Peripherals, Mobile accessories and Security and Surveillance. Our IT peripheral’s vertical has been growing significantly but as its market segment size gradually shrinks, our main focus has shifted toward increasing the sale of our mobiles accessories such as power banks and portable mobile speakers to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Another major focus area for us is our security and surveillance segment and we have launched various High Definition series CCTV cameras and DVRs to tap into its humongous potential and take the lead in this segment.

Vikas Gupta:-  What new products is Quantum planning to launch?

Ashish Mutneja:- In our Mobile Accessories vertical, we have currently launched power banks of upto 7800 Mah which has given us a strong acceptance in the market. In the near future we shall be launching Power Banks of upto 12000 Mah to cater to the extremely high backup requirements of our customers. Smartphones still struggle to make their batteries last over 12 hours making power banks the best options for those who need to carry extra juice in their pockets all the time. With our recent launches in Power Banks the Battle of Power shall come to an end

In Security and Surveillance we are launching Tribrid DVRs that work on Analog , Analog High Definition and IP Cameras. To add up to our current HD series range, we have launched 1.3 & 2 MegaPixel cameras in our A- HD series.  Our Home segment wireless IP cameras with cloud service is in its final stage of evaluation and testing and shall be launched in Q3 so essetially we have several products in pipeline.

Vikas Gupta:-  What are your expansion plans? What’s there for partners?

Ashish Mutneja:- As mentioned our earlier we have several need based products in pipeline for each of our categories. Q2 should see around 2 to 3 models of mobile speakers and Bluetooth headsets while Q3 has many security IP releases and products in the pipeline.

There are actually quite a few products that are ready to be launched, so our partners have a lot to cheer for in the near future.

Vikas Gupta:-  From a sales standpoint, what are the best performing regions for Quantum?

Ashish Mutneja:- Quantum Hi Tech has spread its trustworthy tentacles across several Cities in India. North India has always been the best performing region for the brand. Through our Branches in Delhi, UP, Punjab and Rajasthan we have secured total dominance in the Northern regions followed by Central and South India which are slowly catching up to speed. Furthermore, we are simultaneously adding service points and sales force in the West as well as South India to secure a strong foothold for ourselves.

Vikas Gupta:-  What is your growth strategy here? What are the engines of growth for Quantum in India?

Ashish Mutneja:- The key to our exponential growth would have to be our dedicated Sales Force, which has been the backbone of our growth efforts. It’s the Sales force which has given a double digit growth to quantum on constant basis. Our experienced sales managers and team remain in constant touch with our most dedicated channel and continue to provide us regular feedback, which in turn helps us to provide better quality and regularly updated products which continue to stay ahead of the competition in terms of not only quality but also pricing policy.

Vikas Gupta:-  What is the prime focus of Quantum today? What are some of the top priorities for the Company?

Ashish Mutneja:- Our prime focus is to continue providing superior quality products to our customers at reasonable prices as this is what has separated us from our competition and helped us secure a niche for ourselves. Our priority is to work hard and aggressively to capture a sizable market share in the security segment within the next 2 years and create a name for ourselves in the security and surveillance segment.

Vikas Gupta:-  What are the new challenges that you face in relation to the Indian market?  

Ashish Mutneja:- The Markets are generally a portrayal of economy conditions, which sadly have not been at their best in the last 2 quarters. Although this has posed many challenges to the IT industry, it has also created quite a few opportunities and is a major driving force to work harder and set higher limits for ourselves so that when the clouds of the dull economy are replaced by bright sunshine, we can reap the benefits and come out as winners.


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