Are You Bored? Here’s An Emotion-Sensing Game Controller To Set The Mood!

Stanford_engineers_design_video_game_controller_that_can_read_players__emotions_-_YouTubeRealising that people playing video games can easily be monitored in various mental states, Stanford University in association with Texas Instruments have developed a one-of-its-kind emotion-sensing game controller. Brainchild of Corey McCall and born in the lab of Gregory Kovacs, professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, the controller senses player’s emotions and brain activity to make a game interesting when he/she is bored.

McCall replaced the back panel of an Xbox 360 with a 3D printed plastic module packed with sensors. Metal pads monitor and measure the player’s heart rate, blood pressure as also the rate of breathing. An accelerometer observes how frantically the player is shaking the controller while a light-operated sensor provides a second measurement of heart rate.

The sensors picture the intensity at which the player is mentally inolved in the game he/she is playing. Based on the measurements, the contoller software increases/decreases the intensity of the game to suite his/her needs.

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