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I believe that we finally have a leader- Mr Ankush Gera, CEO, Junglee games

Mr Ankush Gera, CEO, Junglee Games
Mr Ankush Gera, CEO, Junglee Games

“As the PM invites startups to come forward and contribute to the nation’s growth, I believe that we finally have a leader that will revolutionize the overall ecosystem. It is encouraging to see this leader envisage and comprehend how technology will play a key role towards achieving the Make in India dream.”

“With a country where the economy/GDP continues to grow, smartphones penetrate hundreds of millions, tech startups get billion dollar valuations; basic necessities around sanitation, getting a government ID, internet connectivity and healthcare continue to plague majority of the population. If the PM can execute his vision of Digital India, our nation can become a much more attractive investment destination to the rest of the world. More importantly, it can become a country where the majority of the population which is still well below the poverty line lives a better, slightly happier life.”

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