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HP has introduced its Dragonfly Pro laptop, the EliteBook series and the HP 14″ and 15.6″ laptop series

At CES 2023, HP unveiled new products and services to revitalise hybrid experiences and enable people to succeed in the digital world of today. Let’s look at the new laptops that were unveiled at the occasion. The Dragonfly Folio G3 was made available by HP in India last year.

HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook

This 14-inch laptop offers the brightest touchscreen display in the world and the world’s first 8 MP user-facing camera in a clamshell Chromebook, so your content will look fantastic in a bright room or outside. Intel® Evo has validated it for quick performance, connectivity, charging, and other features.

HP Dragonfly Pro

To enhance real-world productivity, it was jointly developed with AMD using the firm’s adaptive platform management technologies. This is the first HP device to offer 24/7 live concierge assistance with a single touch through a hot key.

Quick access to the device’s most used settings is provided by the Control Center hot key, while the Camera hot key makes it simple to change the camera’s settings. The fourth key can be modified to speed up workflow or make navigation easier.

HP Dragonfly G4, HP EliteBook 1040 G10, and HP Elite x360 1040 G10

According to the manufacturer, these laptops make it simpler to collaborate because they offer innovative, user-friendly video conferencing features that boost the effectiveness of hybrid work. The most recent HP Dragonfly and Elite 1000 Series PCs are EPEAT® Gold and made with 90% recyclable materials. TCO Certified, ENERGY STAR Certified, and registered in 23 countries.

Users of the Multi-Camera Experience can switch between two video streams and two cameras to show both their faces and an object or whiteboard at the same time. Photos from a camera feed are instantly flattened and cropped by HP Keystone Correction so they can be readily shared on a whiteboard or document.

Users can transition to a still image using HP Be Right Back without interfering with meetings. Furthermore, in order to reduce energy consumption at night, Intelligent Hibernate picks up on PC usage habits. The computer can predict when it will be used the following day and go into instant-on standby mode. AI improves the thermal performance of computers by learning from and adapting to usage patterns. The end result is a laptop that is more comfortable, quieter, and cool while still being functional.

HP 14 and 15.6 inch Laptop PCs

Everyone should have access to sustainable products, hence HP is integrating cutting-edge and distinctive components into its consumer devices.

The HP 14 and 15.6-inch Laptop PCs include Intel or AMD CPUs and are made of post-consumer recycled polymers, ocean-bound plastics, and recycled metals. The HP 14-inch Laptop PC Eco Edition has up to 25% recycled polymers in its construction.

HP OMEN 17 Laptop

The OMEN 17 Laptop, which uses OMEN Tempest Cooling Technology for gaming of the calibre of a desktop computer, is now HP’s most potent gaming laptop thanks to the addition of a 13th generation Intel Core i9-13900HX processor and the most recent NVIDIA GeForce graphics.

The optical mechanical keys found in the HP OMEN Laptop are the company’s first and are 25 times faster than conventional keys, enabling gamers to play their favourite games at home or on the move.

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