July 16, 2020

Enjay appoints OneUp Infotech Pvt Ltd as National Distributors


Enjay IT Solutions Ltd, recently launched their Tiguin Linux OS for Desktops, & Enjay Tornado OS for Thin Clients and is a recognised player in ThinClient & other IT solutions. OneUp Infotech Pvt Ltd is already into distribution business of IT hardware solutions.

Enjay has been a prominent player in Thin client hardware and Thin Client OS space, and with the launch of Enjay Tiguin Linux OS (which can run windows based apps on Linux), the OS & software solutions offering from Enjay’s side has increased many folds. So to strengthen the focus on solutions development work, Enjay has appointed Mumbai based OneUp  Infotech Pvt Ltd as their National Distributors for Thin Clients, Tornado OS & Tiguin OS.

On the other side promoters of  OneUp  Infotech Pvt Ltd have good experience of IT Hardware distribution business.

“Now Enjay Thin Client hardware, Enjay Tornado OS (for Thin Client) and Enjay Tiguin Linux OS, all of these products will be distributed across the India by OneUp  Infotech Pvt Ltd.”

Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. says “Enjay has already entered into high end solutions business like CRM, Telephony, Storage, Mobile & Cloud Computing. We want to focus more on developing the solutions, moreover the volumes in thin clients are also increasing very fast. So we thought it was right time to appoint a ND, who can take care of Mass Distribution of the solutions.

“Developing a IT Solutions and distributing it are two very different ball games, we found that our core competency lies in developing innovative solutions, and not managing logistic and finances. As a national distributor, OneUP will help us to achieve volumes which, on our own would not have been able to achieve” adds Limesh Parekh.

Mayur Shah, Director, OneUp  Infotech Pvt Ltd added “We are very delighted to have Enjay as our partner, this helps us to move one step ahead. Enjay’s expertise in building the solution, and huge Channel strength will help us increasing our market share in ThinClient hardware space. We will soon be appointing Authorised Service Partners Across India, for providing support for our Hardware , where as software and OS level will be provided by Enjay’s Call Center Team”

“Thin Clients market is growing very fast, so is the complexities of hardware and software, now Thin Clients is no more a dumb device, but a low power intelligent device. Enjay has entire range of solutions for SME segment, and we have Nation wide reach for the distribution. We see this as a total win-win Situation” added Mayur Shah.

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