Clubhouse launches Indian accelerator program – sees 65,000 downloads

iOS’ newest audio-based social network, Clubhouse launched an accelerator program in India for around 20 creators to help them with the monetization and promotion of shows.

The app is completing a year on March 17th, and there are plans to organize a world tour to properly understand how people worldwide use them. This is being done via specific town halls that are run on the app, which also includes India. 

The co-founder of Clubhouse, Paul Davidson said that a Clubhouse Townhall was being launched for the accelerator program, “Creator First,” that supports creators on the platform. The registration is open until March 31.

The other countries which will feature on the world tour include Nigeria, Hong Kong, and Italy. 

Growth in India:

According to analytics platform App Annie, the worldwide downloads for Clubhouse touched 12.2 million, with the USA leading at 3.1 million. There are around 65,000 downloads – a huge jump from the 12,000 downloads till January 2021.

Clubhouse is right now an iOS-only app, but work has started on the Android version. It isn’t clear however when it will be launched. It could be quite the game-changer in the country, which is highly Android-based.

The Accelerator program:

The Accelerator program will support around 20 creators for around three months. Davidson didn’t disclose how much investment is coming into the company when quizzed on the topic. Through the program, the social media app will help creators by supplying equipment like iPhones themselves and help them promote and also book venues while getting paid for it. The creators will be matched with brands or even get paid directly from listeners, with Davidson guaranteeing around $5000 a month. 

Contact Access:

The company is also working on a monetizing feature, which will see a lot of design and engineering talent joining in the coming weeks. There were concerns regarding the app’s ability to access the contact lists of users. This was justified by Davidson who said that it was added so users could share their invites with their friends. He also concluded by saying this feature could be disabled whenever they wanted, and they could type in their numbers to share access to contacts.