Asia gets new edge innovations with ABRABLAST™ and ZINGA®

Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Ms Grace Fu, inaugurated ABRABLAST™ Singapore’s first recycled glass abrasive manufacturing plant in Abraclean (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd at 46 Pioneer Sector 2, Singapore 628396. Present for the launch were Gurmit Singh, Chairman- Abraclean, Colonel (Ret) Lau Kee Siong- Director, and Aneesha Sachdev – Director. Another future production facility  ZINGA® was inaugurated in the presence of Cheryl Chan, Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC, Singapore, and Bruno Saverys, CEO of Zingametall BVBA (parent company of ZINGA®), along with other dignitaries. This production facility will be the first of its kind outside of Belgium, countering redundancy and maintaining all high-quality standards of the coating.

Abrablast™ is a proprietary and registered trademark in Singapore owned by Abraclean. It is an inert, non-metallic abrasive media manufactured by collecting, cleaning, and recycling glass waste generated in Singapore. This entire process has lowered the burden on the Pulau Semakau landfill in Malaysia and has increased the glass recycling rate in Singapore.

ZINGA® is a metallic zinc-rich coating or Film Galvanising System containing 96% zinc (dust) in its dry film. The purity of the zinc used is so high that dry ZINGA® does not contain any toxic elements and ensures cathodic protection of steel substrates.

Aneesha Kaur Sachdev, Director, Abraclean

Aneesha Kaur Sachdev, Director, Abraclean adds, “As a woman entrepreneur, becoming a part of a sustainability-focused initiative is exciting as it gives me the potential to solve complex economical problems with sustainable solutions.”

Gurmit Singh, Chairman, Abraclean

Gurmit Singh, Chairman, Abraclean, quips, “Sustainability is not just a vertical but also a horizontal layer that cuts across various industries. We are doing our best to support Asia’s unmet SDGs and ensure we recycle the glass and put it to use without harming Gaia (earth). We further advocate the application of Zinga that will enhance and extend the service life of steel assets.”

Bruno Saverys, CEO, Zingametall, opines, “Being able to penetrate and expand into the Asia Pacific markets is a testament to ZINGA’s capability as a superior coating providing corrosion protection.”

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