March 5, 2021

Reboot systems is India’s leading IT hardware refurbish technology experts-Mr. Anand Tater, Founder & Director – Reboot System

Mr. Anand Tater, Founder & Director – Reboot System Interacts With ITVoice News Providing Exclusive And Significant Details About The Company Expansion Plans And Marketing Strategy.


Mr. Anand Tater, Founder & Director - Reboot System
Mr. Anand Tater, Founder & Director – Reboot System

Vikas Gupta:- How is Reboot looking at its Indian operations? What are the top most priorities here?

Mr.Anand Tater:- At Reboot Systems India Pvt. Ltd., we believe, if we ask the right questions we can change the world for the better. Reboot Systems started by a group of professional entrepreneurs is an reverse engineering company out of India’s leading IT city – Hyderabad with regional offices in Surat, Delhi and Jaipur. Reboot’s primary focus is on computer hardware and allied IT products. Brand Reboot strives to envision, enable and empower a new and modern India for bridging the significant digital divide issues in a green, eco-friendly and cost effective manner on the motto of live more. do more.

Reboot systems is India’s leading IT hardware refurbish technology experts. We are Microsoft Registered Re-furbishers (MRR) known for technology recovery, value re-engineering and re marketing. Through our world-class know-how and processes we are building the foundation for more sustainable and environmental friendly technologies for an even better tomorrow via risk-free solutions.

Our greatest priority is to increase PC penetration in Tier II to Tier VII cities where the current penetration levels are sub 2 digits. Our goal is to proliferate into these cities and increase the penetration levels through refurbishing older PCs (both desktops and laptops) and making them almost as good as new and offering them at competitive prices through our branded stores with a warranty.

Our next most important concern would be to offer PCs at affordable prices as against what the current markets offer. It is still a distant dream for a common man to own a computer for personal use. We expect to have more of this segment covered and visualize scope for tremendous growth.

Our ultimate goal however would be to be able to offer stand-alone desktops at Rs.4999/- and laptops at Rs.9999/-.

Vikas Gupta:- How do you see the concept of ‘Re-engineering of computers’ being carried in India?     

Mr.Anand Tater:- India has a huge second hand and black market for selling computers, where the quality and warranty is never guaranteed for the buyers. But, the buyers go to these markets to get the products at low price points. The idea of our business is to reach and serve these common people across the country. We aim to offer these products at low prices without compromising on the technical quality and warranty. In terms of look and feel, the customers will not find a difference between a new laptop and a refurbished one (almost like new).   With the absence of organized players, the current market is very lopsided and the consumer has always been at a price and product disadvantage. There is a glaring value in-equation in the existing system and this is what Reboot intends to contain. Reboot is working towards bringing in more transparency and to ensure both the buyer and seller communities get a fair price.

There is a remarkable opportunity for growth and PC refurbishing industry is surely slated to grow. We aim to promote digital awareness and affordability by aiding under-served communities to accomplish their potential by having access to low cost technology solutions. We envisage that on similar grounds of evolution of the used cars industry in India, the masses will take to the emergence of the PC refurbishing industry very enthusiastically and Indian consumer market is sure to promote the growth of this industry. Until Maruti True Value (MTV) came into existence, the second hand car industry in India was managed by local unorganized markets. Today, MTV turned that situation around. Reboot would like to do the same to the PC industry as to what MTV did to the automobile industry.

To ensure that the consumer gets a no-compromise deal and to eliminate dependency on the unorganized market, we vouch to offer products as good as new. For this, we have an 80 point check list in place and all necessary quality checks have been mandated. Reboot products come backed up with a brand name, credibility, quality and warranty. This will revolutionize the PC market and re-engineered PCs that are economically viable will mark its future growth story.






Vikas Gupta:- What is your focus on Digital Literacy in Schools given the low awareness amongst the students?

Mr.Anand Tater:- The computer education in our country has been evolving since the last decade, with urban schools taking the lead but as you travel through tier II cities and below the scenario is very different. In spite of IT education being made an essential module of school curricula, not many schools especially the government run and smaller schools still find it difficult to operate labs owing to the price factor of the PCs resulting in inadequate infrastructure. Reboot sees a huge untapped market in this segment and is working towards meeting the needs of this sector. The sheer scale of social need to empower such institutions is to be dynamically addressed.

Our company, with its MRR credentials, has been working with Schools and educational institutes across the country to improve Digitalization / computer literacy. We offer special Education bundles with Genuine Microsoft Operating systems. We have tied up with Next Education to offer a comprehensive range of vioce hardware and software products to schools at reasonable prices. Reboot designed some distinct schemes for schools and educational institutions to take back their old and outdated PCs and replace them with refurbished ones. In addition to these measures, we also have special grants and EMI options.

The company is also partnering with educational institutes. Today, we sold our computers to over 120 schools and reach out many educational institutes over time. This will let the students to have an option to choose the product they want at cheaper points. In the US for instance, almost 26 out of 50 states in USA have made it mandatory for schools to only buy refurbished products. In turn, using these products will benefit the ecology by generating less e-waste and burning less fuel.

In India, it is time that the governments and educational guilds open up some budgets for IT education in the rural sector.

Vikas Gupta:-  As part of Reboot capacity expansion plans, what will be the strategy over the next few years?

Mr.Anand Tater:- The Company has spent a lot of focus on Andhra Pradesh and North India and has signed agreements for Stores in over 7 cities. Our target for 2014 Fiscal year is to have Reboot / Infinity stores up and running in 25 cities. Apart from the Retail foot-print, the company will be setting up 3 large Refurbishing Centers to cater to Zonal needs. Our focus is to penetrate deeper into the existing black market and over a period of time, target the failings of it and wreck the system and bring in order and organization to benefit the end user.

Vikas Gupta:-  What is the company’s focus wrt the channel partners in the country?

Mr.Anand Tater:- These products are priced anywhere between 50-60 per cent lower than the market price of the new ones. Although, there is a huge CSR angle to the idea, Reboot is a for profit business. The business had decided to use brick and mortar model to reach its target customers. “In India, people especially in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, doubt the credibility of second hand or even refurbished goods online market. This pushed us to open stores across the country with a franchisee model to expand quickly. We want to expand to 200 stores in next three years from existing 10 stores in the country today,” he says.

A rough usage can decrease limit its life to 5 years. However, many companies replace their devices after three years after taking depreciation on their products. Generally they tend to dump this to scrap collector at less or almost no value. We are associating with these companies as their asset disposition partner by paying up to five times to these used products as compared to what they get from scrap collector. With this partnership, they are also playing an important role to make technology reach the common man and also help them to save trees, gasoline and thereby reduce carbon emission.”

Vikas Gupta:-  With Reboot opening retail outlets in North India market, what will be the company’s focus in this aspect?

Mr.Anand Tater:- Apart from the Retail foot-print, the company will be setting up 3 large Refurbishing Centers to cater to Zonal needs.

Reboot will not only be in the business of Refurbished computers like desktops and Laptops but also in Tablets, peripherals and possibly other strategic products that make sense to utilize our on the ground assets – Our stores.


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